“Who seeds wind, shall harvest storm”

Full Name
Yngrid Bruknytta




The Salted Pyre; an introduction.
Silver Lining; (Co-written by Galien) a glimpse of the past

Age and birthsign
52, the Apprentice

’At first glimpse…’
A heavyset older woman with sunken eyes and a pointed nose. Time has taken its toll, and her skin is leathery with weathering, creased by age. There is little that seems light-hearted or kindly about her, though there are indications that perhaps she might once have smiled more than she does now.

Appearance and Physique

Here is a woman who was never a beauty, not even before time and salt air took their toll; her nose is long and pointed, her brown-black eyes are sunken, and her wild yellow hair has faded to mostly grey. She has a look about her that suggests hardiness, simplicity – there are signs that she might once have been prone to smiles in the crow’s feet about her eyes and the laugh lines that etch her cheeks.

Now, Yngrid presents a somewhat sullen sight. Some might say there’s something off about the look in her eye – a madness. The Gods only know her family would agree with that assessment.

Unostentatious for all her days as a humble fishwife, Yngrid’s fortunes are more humble than ever now that she’s taken up the roving lifestyle. Somewhere along the way, she’s managed to find herself a set of sturdy leathers to augment her ratty furs and worn-down canvas and cotton; this offers little protection against anything but the cold.

The leathers don’t fit her too closely, as if they’d been made for someone larger than she is. Her boots are old, but seem to be hers. She wears a well-beaten sealskin cloak that was probably someone’s pride and joy, once, and carries a fish-gutting knife out of habit, now sheathed at her boot.

Average height, but thickly built, this woman is no muscle-bound warrior waiting to happen; she’s soft in the middle, with a once proudly feminine figure that has succumbed to age and gravity, as all things must. Her arms and legs are powerful of necessity – a harsh and independent lifestyle has given her strength, and success at subsistence living has built a layer of hard-won fat to sustain her during leaner times. Still, she is a far cry from the typical adventurer, and any battles this woman fights would be better fought by wit than by brawn.

Character Traits

In a word – stubborn.

Yngrid is a rock perched on a cliff by the sea, and through all of life’s many turbulences, she has endured – up until now. She’s rough around the edges, almost bullying in how she handles those around her, though her family was cut from such similar cloth that it was simply how they interacted with one another. She is loyal to the memory of that family, regardless of how it may hurt.

For the most part, it could be said that Yngrid is well-intended, but once the woman settles her mind to something, she is tenacious to a fault, and refuses to be dissuaded. Once a jovial, if stern, figure, now Yngrid has become somewhat bitter, and is determined to take her pound of flesh.

She isn’t particularly impressed by charm or wit or education; Yngrid values hard work, honesty, strength, integrity. A pretty face is worth little and less when there’s a storm coming and you have to make the hard choice to leave behind your fishing and go hungry, or risk being torn to pieces by savage winds and waters.

Combat Style
Crude and untrained; any successes are likely to be won with deceit, surprise, and crude brutality. She has experience hunting game and, naturally, fishing. But her ‘combat’ style could hardly be termed as more than glorified game-hunting.

Talents and Strengths

Life Experience– Yngrid didn’t get to be fifty two in such a harsh region without learning a few lessons here and there; she’s crafty, and she has the benefit of long years of experience, watching and learning, albeit in somewhat limited capacity due to her surroundings being mostly other people like her.

Mother and Wife– For all the good it will or won’t do, Yngrid has the mothering thing down to an art; in particular, she has motherly Death Stares and Guilt Trips perfected. As a wife, she learned to cajole her hard-willed husband, or to badger him, as the situation demanded.

With this in mind, Yngrid also habitually keeps an eye out for the safety of youngsters, regardless of who’s they are.

Hard Worker– One thing about the subsistence life style is that it doesn’t breed shirkers; Yngrid has worked hard all her life just to get by, and will continue to work hard until the day she dies.

Weaknesses and Detriments

Ignorant– Uneducated and not particularly impressed by traditional education, Yngrid is illiterate and there is quite a lot about the world that she doesn’t know or care to know. History beyond that of her immediate area and the broad strokes of Skyrim’s political situation, literature, religion – all of these things are for people with too much time on their hands to sit around and stare into their belly buttons, in Yngrid’s mind.

Mediocre Resources– Yngrid doesn’t have her laurels or a hefty bank account to rest on; she is faced with the day to day problem of obtaining food and shelter most of the time, and her skillset is limited, at best. This doesn’t leave her with much free time to pursue her hobbies and passions.

Old Dog, New Tricks?– At fifty two, Yngrid is no spring chicken. She’s attempting to learn a whole lot of new things in as little time as possible. Her mistakes will cost her more than they might cost a younger woman – the time it will take for her to heal from injuries is increased, and the actual ability to pick up new skillsets is significantly reduced, despite her hard-working nature.


Loyalties and Politics
Family matters more than anything; any Nord worth his salt knows that.

Aside from family, however, Yngrid doesn’t particularly care about the war in Cyrodiil, and doesn’t trust an argonian or a dunmer as far as she can throw them – which is to say, she doesn’t.

She is a recent initiate in the Fighter’s Guild, however, and the faction-neutral habit of that organization doesn’t seem to bother her.


Son– Jergan was a fine lad, strong armed and capable. He was twenty, and they had begun work on his own fishing boat when his father went missing. He went after Solmund, and all that remained was a ravaged body by the time Yngrid found him in the woods.

Husband– Solmund was an immigrant from somewhere that wasn’t Dawnstar, as suspect a figure as any that had been seen to lurk the port towns and coastal fleets. Yet when he and Yngrid had first met, the stubborn young woman had made her mind up on the spot that this was the man she would marry, and would entertain no other suitors for all her family’s pleas. Thirty four long years of marriage culminated in one son, a fishing boat, a house – a livelihood. It was all taken from her by the damn wolves, on a fateful winter day.

MotherGwenaa Blacktooth, a woman whose cooking was renowned amongst her family as the worst in Dawnstar. She had a tendency to burn things, being of a somewhat distractible nature that wasn’t aided by her passel of children. In spite of her inadequate cooking skills, she was sharp-eyed and sharper-tongued, a practical figure quick find solutions to problems. She died some years back.

FatherGutther Bjikssen, a fisherman held in high regard in the region. More laid back than his sharp-tongued wife, he was content to let Gwenaa rule the household while he plied his trade – there are few men who could tell you in quite so much detail every intricacy there is to know about the local waters. He died shortly after his wife – they say it was a broken heart that finally did him in.


Thrumvar Bjikssen, 59, the current head of the family; he now sits in their father’s house, and is always ready with a watchful eye for their clan. He has a wife and six children, with a seventh on the way.

Morski Ice-Killer, 55, a hard woman of unpredictable nature; she left Dawnstar to join up with the Fighter’s Guild, where she’s supposedly of high standing in the local chapter. She even managed to gain a husband and three children over the years, though she stubbornly refuses to retire.

Vorsta Bjarhult, 46, a fisherman’s wife much the same as Yngrid; she has a passel of five children, but their family is chronically poor and underfed, and often require assistance to survive the winter.

Svodis Bjikkssen, 44, a tradesman; he lives near to town, with a lovely fat wife and two children.

Jeshrum the Cleaver, 42, retired soldier; he went off to seek his fortune, but took an arrow to the knee and has since returned home, married, and settled down. He’s expecting his first child in the spring.

Temsa Raven-Torn, 37, the black sheep of the clan and former baby of the family; she left to become a scholar. Folks say she took up a mage’s mantle, much to the disgust of her family back home.


Many, but no remaining aunts or uncles

Roleplay Themes/Styles
Yes, another alt; Yngrid will probably receive much of her character development via stories I write, and less actual in-game roleplay, as a result of her alt status.

Still, I’d love to explore storylines involving the hunting of werewolves, and might even consider allying her with other Daedric-oriented beasties or groups if that’s what it takes for her to hunt down the Weres.

I plan for her to be an active member of the Fighter’s Guild; her hatred for weres is purely personal, not a moral imperative so much as revenge. I hope for her not to die instantaneously, and I’d love for her to have the opportunity to lure unwitting Weres into nasty traps in order to do them harm – whether or not she succeeds would, of course, be discussed ahead of time.

Please note that though this character is underpowered and essentially wormbait, I’d like to avoid killing her off; I am fine with her getting beaten or maimed, but I’d like to really get a chance to write her out before she dies. At least to give her a chance to learn and grow, before letting her get dead!


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