‘Huntress’; ‘Archer’; ‘Conjurer’

General Information

Age and birthsign
Adult, The Serpent

> ‘At first glimpse…’
A queerly long-limbed woman clad in greens and browns with a guarded face, average height for her race, a little paler than in the norm. Not particularly worth looking twice at.


Born to a traditional Bosmer family, her sister died of the Knahaten Flu when she was young, leaving her a well-protected only child in a grieving family. Beloved of her mother and father, they indulged her strange fascination with books and words in spite of how little practical use such things seemed to have to their daily lives. She discovered within herself a latent magical talent, which she kept a jealously guarded secret for some time, learning bits and pieces from books and observation before finally revealing her abilities upon reaching adulthood. There was no particular shock or surprise, but, as she came to spend more and more time away from Valenwood, her parents certainly took note and found it troubling.

Primarily working for her own interests, she’s spent most of her adult life voraciously consuming knowledge, still keeping her abilities relatively quiet, and refusing to seek out a mentor. Progress has been steady, and, though hardly the most powerful conjurer, she has managed to incorporate those abilities into a more traditional bosmer life that consists of a great deal of hunting, both folk and fauna.

Factions and loyalties
Her primary loyalty lies with Valenwood itself; the forest is a part of her. She’s not all that interested in the Aldmeri Dominion as a political power, nor is she particularly impressed by the haughty Altmer she has encountered.

Vlyn keeps to herself as a rule, but there are some who would miss her, were she to turn up missing.

Mother – Faelin, simple huntress of Valenwood
Father – Dardanos, tanner and hunter of Valenwood

There is also an extended family that might pursue a warpath to retrieve her, though she’s always been known to be a bit strange and withdrawn.

In addition to people, her personal effects include a small trove of books squirreled away at the family homestead, painstakingly copied with obsessive detail to the Green Pact’s no-foliage clause. Though hardly deemed necessary by most traditional Bosmer, Vlyn has carefully copied manuscripts onto vellum, written in ink rendered lovingly from sea-life. This is both a study technique and a matter of practicality, and she has amassed a middling amount of magical knowledge in her trove of information.

Prejudice and judgement
Bosmer who do not follow the Green Pact are beneath her and contemptible; those who do not abide the traditions of their culture and their home have clearly lost their way. Visitors to Valenwood who cause harm to the forest, regardless of whether or not they are aware of the rules, are dealt with harshly and swiftly with little thought to mercy or understanding.

Vlyn tends to be xenophobic when it comes to her homelands, but magical predilections have forced her out of her comfort zone to seek greater knowledge. In other lands, she still abides her own customs, but is tersely respectful to those around her. She doesn’t particularly like Khajiit, and Altmer are insufferable; still, they have use to her at times, and so must be tolerated.

The Ebonhearts and the Daggerfall might as well be dead so far as her interest goes. She hunts and feels little to no empathy for them. They are the enemy, and the enemy is to be slain and eaten.

Appearance and physique

Credit to fitorae.tumblr.com; ‘Bente’

Vlyn wears greens of all shades, puncuated by brown accents. She is very much a product of the forest she reveres; her skin is unusually pale, tinted with green, as some Bosmer are prone to. Her eyes are dark and her cheekbones are high, almost gaunt; her lips are usually pursed thin, but feature a distinct bow shape. The blonde of her hair is almost a mousey shade of pale brown more than gold, and is usually kept shortly cropped, with one braid resting at the side of her cheek, feathers and beads adorning it – the only ornamentation she wears.

Vlyn is lean and narrow, made of wiry muscle and without much curve to speak of. Her limbs are strangely long, knees and elbows knobbly; she resembles nothing so much as an insect in the way she moves.

Trinkets and jewelry
Just the feathers and beads in her hair.

In their bag:
Writing implements and vellum, a leather rope, a cloak, a machete. Minimalist to a fault?


Stand-offish and unfriendly, she has little empathy or interest in those around her, excepting what she finds useful to her own ends. She tends to be guarded about her motivations, untrusting and wary. Past the barricade of her cold exterior, she is a woman consumed by lust for knowledge and fascinated to the point of obsession with magic; all of this, of course, held tightly in hand.

Talents and weaknesses
Vlyn is a reasonably accomplished huntress, in that she possesses survival skills enough to keep herself alive without aid in even harsh climates. She is meticulous and careful in how she approaches problems and education, and she learns quickly.

However, for all that – Vlyn is quick to judge and arrogant in her assumptions. She lacks empathy and compassion, and has little respect for authority or politics, a thing which could quickly bite her in the ass. She is not a pleasant person to be around, and is sometimes blinded by her unwavering faith in her own beliefs.

Her priorities are as follow –

The Forest, pursuit of knowledge, her family, her clan, her people. Everything else is unimportant.


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