Given Name; Cyrodilic Variant
Jin-Rei; Plucks-at-Twine



Seer; Fetish Maker

Seer of the Swamps

Approximate Age; Birthsign
Middle-aged adult; The Tower

’At first glimpse…’
Her cloak stands out more than she does – a gaudy thing that looks as if a rainbow has been vomited over the basic lines of a burnoose. In addition to the cloak, she appears to be covered in jewelry and talismans of many designs. It lends an air of the exotic to a woman who might be entirely overlooked; there’s little about her, besides her adornments, which might seem memorable.

Appearance and Physique

Beneath the cloak is an argonian woman whose scales are the color of moss, her head studded with short, blunt horns and her eyes wide and yellow. Her face is not particularly memorable when contrasted with the cloak, though she could be considered not unattractive by Argonian terms – more plain than ugly, really.

The rainbow-colored cloak that is her signature ‘look’ seems to be her most prized item of clothing; beneath it, she is clad in crudely cut and pieced leather, scraps and pieces no doubt. This leaves a rather immodest amount of scale visible, though she wears it without apparent stigma. While not unaware of feminine charm as a tool, her choice of attire remains largely irrelevant to Jin-Rei, and is more functional than decorative.

One wonders if the same can be said of the multitudinous charms that can be found on her person – she is heavily adorned with various talismans and arcane jewelry, to a degree that significantly surpasses ‘garish’ in description.

A rather rawboned figure, Jin-Rei is slope-shouldered and modestly proportioned up top, with wide hips and strong legs to compliment, lending her a pear-shape in spite of her overall scrawny physique. Not terribly imposing, she’s generally an average height – the Hist sap does not seem to have shaped her for any particular purpose.

Character Traits

Silver-tongued and very observant, Jin-Rei cuts an enigmatic figure, very seldom offering a straight answer for anything. She tends toward the theatrical, but has a good sense of when to keep quiet – her dramatics seldom seem poorly timed or out of place.

While charismatic, some might get a sense that this argonian is manipulative and grasping, always spinning some tale that may seem more fiction than fact. More down-to-earth observers might find her eccentricities and histrionics grating and worthy of little more than an eye roll.

Regardless, Jin-Rei is a very vibrant, sociable sort of Betmer, and seems to be at her best when around others.

Combat Style
So far as has been observed, Jin-Rei isn’t much for dirtying her hands with war – she’s much more interested in people and peddling of her wares. Still, it can be noted that she carries a dagger.

Talents and Strengths
Charming – Though not everyone would find her charming, Jin-Rei is a personable sort of woman, and has a tendency towards making friends easily. It might, however, be noted that she doesn’t seem to form more than passing bonds with others.

Articulate – It can definitely be said that Jin-Rei has a silver tongue and a deft way about her; this translates well to persuasion and storytelling, both of which she’s quite good at.

Mysticism – Whether or not you believe in the argonian’s prophecies, it can’t be denied that she’s adept in her own shamanistic fashion. Many swear by her second sight, and her talismans and effigies have garnered some measure of repute amongst those who believe – though others claim that it’s nothing but cheap showmanship.

Weaknesses and Detriments
Selfish – Briefly mentioned above, though Jin-Rei befriends others easily, she does not tend to prioritize others above herself under any circumstance, and doesn’t seem to care much about anyone but herself.

Non-combatant – Jin-Rei’s a lover, not a fighter!

Avarice – She’s always looking for material gains, though… she seems little interested in accumulating wealth for any purpose other than wealth itself. In spite of this, she never seems to have much in the way of coin, though her lifestyle is humble as they come.


Factions and Loyalties; Politics and Prejudice
She’s been known to do the odd job for the Mage’s guild, but otherwise seems only out for her own interests, unless those of others happen to coincide with hers.

She’ll do business with anyone – gold is gold, after all, no matter the origin. Race doesn’t seem to bother her; not even the traditionally slaver Mer races. She’s not very interested in the larger picture, preferring to examine the more personal scheme of things.

What is Rumored
Little enough seems to be known of the woman; the shamanistic practices of her arts suggest tribal traditions from deep within the marshes, but those who come from Black Marsh’s depths find nothing familiar to her craft.

It is said that she was once a slave, but she bears none of a slave’s cringing habit or humility; still, it is possible, though one would imagine there would be some mannerisms or markings left over from the experience.

When directly asked, Jin-Rei will make up outrageous tales that change with each telling, not even trying to maintain a pretense of honesty, and treats the matter as unimportant or uninteresting.

Out of Character

Roleplay Themes/Styles
First and foremost – Jin-Rei is an alt, and any storylines with Jin-Rei involved should feature her as a side-character, little more. I will not be dedicating much time to this character. I like her, I’ve some pretty fun ideas in mind for her, but she’s never going to be my Main.

That being said, Jin-Rei’s purpose is for light-hearted RP primarily, though some darker themes may come into play depending on the situation. She’d make for a good antagonist to a minor degree, though she’s no full-on villain, lacking the skills (and the motivation!) for more than fraud.

I’d enjoy the opportunity to roleplay her taking advantage of more gullible characters, or being called out for a fraud or charlatan; I don’t mind her ‘losing’ situations, though I’d like to avoid anything that permanently destroys the character due to story-lines for the future I’ve promised her to.

If you’re looking for a fortune teller, I’d love the opportunity to let a prophecy or two actually come to pass – and for plenty to fail as well.


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