First-, middle-, lastname
Daniyah Ikram El-Amin





Collateral Damage; a child listens to conversation she was never meant to hear.
Temerity of Youth; a squire must accept her new mentor.
A Hand Rebuffed; a knight cannot save everyone in need.
Holiday Series: Baranth Do; a redguard lets down her hair
Ovank’a – To Search for Mercy; a knight confronts duty

Age and birthsign
36, The Lord

’At first glimpse…’
A large, muscular woman typically found in heavy plate armor, the first thing that might be noticed is the disfiguring scarring that tugs the right side of the woman’s face down slightly, rendering all of her smiles or frowns crooked. It appears to be burn scarring.

Appearance and Physique

Daniyah, like most Redguards, is dark skinned and brown-eyed. Her hair is kept in a series of braids and dreadlocks, and is pulled into a horsetail at the nape of her neck.

Her lips are thick and full, often bent in a smile that might be attractive- but for the disfiguring series of burns. Said scars mottle the right side of her face, from just beneath her eyebrow all the way down to her throat; to judge by appearance alone, it would seem Daniyah was extremely lucky to have escaped the situation with her vision intact.

The rest of her face is rather plain, with a broad, slightly crooked nose, and untamed eyebrows.

Typically, this is a woman who can be found wearing full plate armor; when out of it, she moves strangely, awkward, as though she’s forgotten how to conduct herself without the extra weight of thick metal. She tends toward simple cuts and plain colors, not much for unnecessary adornments or effeminate airs – she knows who and what she is, and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise.

A tall woman, Daniyah’s figure is more muscular than womanly, with wide shoulders and little in the way of a bosom. Her form is bulky and thickly muscled without much curve, yet there is softness now, as though perhaps she isn’t quite as young and hard-bodied as she once was.

Character Traits

Iyah might seem at first seem absent minded or not entirely present, but once her full attention has been drawn to something, she is relentless about it. She’s well-intended and high-minded when it comes to questions of morality, and inclined to think the best of folk – even when proven wrong. She has a sort of serenity and grace about her that seem at odds with her lifestyle and profession.

Combat Style
Primarily trained in the Redguard tradition, Daniyah’s weapon of choice is the ever iconic curved scimitar, with strong reliance on clever footwork and feigns. However, contrary to traditional Ansei style, she has incorporated a well-abused buckler into her personal combat technique, a clear Bretonic influence.

In addition to sword and shield, she holds a passable understanding of other weapons, with some talent in mounted combat with a spear. She is capable with a bow, though hardly possesses the mastery of it, and can use daggers, but does not possess any excess of practice or training with them.

Talents and Strengths
Combat Training – Daniyah has training in both Redguard and Breton knightly traditions, and has maintained a great deal of discipline in regard to her personal strength and ability to engage in small-scale combat. At the age of thirty-six, she has experience to back her training, allowing her a potential edge in combat situations.

Diverse Weapons Technique – Daniyah has also made diversity a priority in terms of what she is able and willing to utilize in a fight. Though her strength lies in bastardized Ansei-styled swordplay, she has passing knowledge and ability in other weaponry.

Strong Moral Convictions – Daniyah has the strength of her values to back her choices, allowing her a compass which guides her actions and leaves her confident in herself and her accomplishments.

Musical – Though her voice is hardly that of a professional bard, Daniyah possesses a pleasant, low alto and is capable of singing. In addition, she is well practiced on the pennywhistle, from which she coaxes a fairly impressive repertoire of tunes.

Weaknesses and Detriments
Idealistic – Daniyah believes that people are inherently good, particularly when it comes to those less fortunate that she is; in spite of years of experience to the contrary, she still has the tendency to take things at face value.

Niche Skillset – Though she is well trained as a knight and for mounted combat, she has no effective line of defense against magical assault; she isn’t the fastest warrior, nor is she likely to be the strongest on any given field. She is good with weapons and with footwork, but there are many others who are better.

Wear and Tear – At a battered thirty six, she has a good amount of combat experience beneath her belt, but her reflexes are surely no match for well-trained twenty year old, nor are her eyes as sharp as they once were. It takes longer for her to recovery from serious injury than it used to, and cold mornings bring on old aches and pains.

Physically Unattractive – Though hardly the ugliest woman to walk the face of Nirn, Daniyah’s facial scarring certainly impacts peoples’ first impressions of her, and may cause small children to weep or stare. Even aside her face, she’s not a particularly stunning specimen, unless one likes their women manly.


Factions and loyalties
The recently formed Daggerfall Covenant owns her allegiance, but she has largely declined to involve herself directly in the Cyrodil campaign.

The Fighter’s Guild sees her service at times, but she tends to be very picky about what contracts she will accept, which keeps her somewhat unknown in the ranks.


Daniyah has no children of her own, however, both her mother and father are still alive and in reasonably good health for their ages. And though they are (in theory) unaware of the relation, Daniyah is loosely friendly with her half siblings and her nieces and nephews, who know her only as one of their grandfather’s knights.

Mother– Lamya El-Amin, age 64; currently residing in Taneth, instructor for the Fighter’s Guild. Highly ranked member prior to retirement from active duty.

Father– Mahomet Najib Sulayman, age 59; currently residing in Skaven, well-to-do horse trader and appraiser, and overseer of his estates. Passionate about breeding warhorses. Widower.

Half-siblings– (All from father’s side)
Na’im Sulayman, age 41, heir to the house, married
Khayri Sulayman, age 39, confirmed bachelor
Lawahiz Al Mahari, age 35, married
Isra Veisshelm, age 27, married
Ismat Sulayman, age 27, military

Other Important Figures
Sir Devlin Colville, age 62; her first knight-mentor, now retired and content to live with his wife

Rickard Colville, age 37; a brother, if not by blood, and a comrade in arms at times. Still actively seeking trouble and finding it as often as not.

Hakeem Sulayman, age 84; her second knight-mentor and great uncle, lives in her father’s house and is gravely ill. Probably won’t last the year.

Politics and Prejudice
Daniyah is nationalistic at heart, primarily concerned about the place of Men in Tamriel’s annals. She believes in the principle of Just war, however, is personally invested primarily in the internal affairs of the Daggerfall Covenant.

In particular, she is driven towards civilian relief and protection on the war-torn borders, and the settlement of refugees.

She’s typically willing to give any individual a fair chance, though she’s notably cool towards mer and the beast-races, and has little interest in them beyond ascertaining that they are not a threat.

Though her mistrust of magic-wielders is somewhat lesser for her years spent in a Breton household, she’s still uneasy around casters who specialize in illusion and other mind-warping schools. In addition, she has a distinctive mistrust for the Destruction school that is not typical for her people.

Born the bastard daughter of an ill-fated tryst between a well-to-do Crown horse-breeder and a Forebear fighter’s guild mercenary, Daniyah’s upbringing was a complicated series of swaps between a father who could not acknowledge her, and a mother who had little time to raise a child.

Raised in a state of benevolent neglect, at the age of eleven she was sent to serve a combat apprenticeship under one of her mother’s comrades from the Fighter’s Guild. Here, she flourished under the tutelage of an old Breton knight, Sir Colville. The man introduced her to the concept of Knighthood, providing a foundation for the woman she would eventually become.

At sixteen Daniyah was entirely determined that she would become a knight after the Breton traditions; learning this, her mother and father found an accord and she was promptly sent back to Skaven to become formally squired to a traditional Redguard knight- one of her father’s uncles, who had long studied the lost traditions of the Sword Singers. These particular traditions were broader in some senses, while being more focused and rigid in others; Iyah was made to focus on the sword primarily, yet many of the philosophical implications were much less focused than the stringent, idealistic codes of chivalry and weapons mastery taught by the Bretons. She accompanied her knight-master throughout through the provinces of Hammerfell, eventually earning her chain and spurs in the heart of the Alik’r desert, having demonstrated sufficient mastery of what was taught to her.

The past twelve years of her history are not well known to anyone; Daniyah is something of a nomad and a dreamer without any particularly long lasting travel companions after the retirement of her great uncle. At some point in the last six years, her facial features were disfigured by burns; a casual questioner of the fact would find themselves gently rebuffed for their rudeness.

Out of Character


Roleplay Themes/Styles
Looking to obtain a lot of personal roleplay; this character is intended specifically to help other characters with their stories. Though she has her own storyline, my hope is that the personal character development for Daniyah will hinge upon helping others and working with them to find their way in the war-torn world we will be presented in-game.

I’m a big fan of conflict RP, so long as it is done with mutual respect and communicated well throughout; I’m not big on perma-killing anyone’s character, or roleplaying conflict so that the result diminishes RP for one player or another – this includes permadeath, imprisonment, long-term captivity of any sort. I believe that consequences can be created that serve to enable more roleplay – a thief caught can be offered an opportunity for a job, and, in Daniyah’s jurisdiction, will be made to apologize and return whatever they stole, instead of ‘STOP THIEF YOU DIE NOW/GO TO JAIL’.

Daniyah is not a guard of any sort, but she is a do-gooder white-knight, and will intervene when she thinks it is necessary.

As a player, I will always be willing to work with other players OOCly to ensure mutual enjoyment of any interactions, and that includes butting out if my ‘lawful-good’ presence is unwanted in a scene!

I’m really more interested in working with other characters who need training, rehabilitation, etc – not so much in being a patrolling guardswoman or anything like that. Other types of rp that don’t involve helping other characters with personal character development or being a white knight, will include running and participating in small-scale rp event ‘adventures’, pilgrimages, roaming, and straight-up walk-up roleplay in main hubs.

I am not interested in roleplaying law-enforcement, romantic themes, or strongly militant orders, at this point in the character’s roleplay career.

Character Art

By Evanyell

By Rhojar

DSCF2171_zps0c924c48.jpgBy me!


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