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[Yngrid] Eye for an Eye

Time slowed as Yngrid stared death in the eye; she’d expected to feel something. To feel fear, maybe – to feel regret. But even now, at the end of all things, she was ice and stone and cold fury, numb … Continue reading

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[Yngrid and Solmund] Silver Lining

[Collaboration with Galien, featuring Solmund Bruknytta and Yngrid Bruknytta approximately twenty years in the past.] She dreamt she was falling. Her body parted a sea of clouds before plummeting towards the surface of a storm-tossed sea, but she didn’t find … Continue reading

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[Yngrid] The Salted Pyre

She had no choice but to walk away now. As the flames ruptured skyward, engulfing all that remained of the house she’d once called home, Yngrid was acutely aware of the distant howling of the wolves. Even through the livid … Continue reading

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