This blog is a showcasing of writing done for fictional characters in the Elder Scrolls setting, typically taking place during the time period of the Elder Scrolls Online. All writing has been done by Dyna, an experienced roleplayer and a moderator of the TESO-RP.com community, and all characters featured (though not all mentioned!) are her creations, unless otherwise specified.

I adhere firmly to the lore of the setting to the very best of my knowledge, however there is a point at which I must extrapolate and imagine to fill in the specifics. That being said, anything that can be proven to be outright incorrect in style or theme, or any details I might have that are somehow just plain wrong, I am only too happy to change!

All content is subject to change at the author’s discretion or whims.

As far as the author goes – I am a twenty something female call center monkey who lives in the Pacific Northwest, and an experienced World of Warcraft roleplayer. I come from a writing background that includes extensive, if questionable, forum roleplay, and even Live Action Role Play. I moderate the teso-rp website out of a strong desire to contribute positively to the things I am passionate about.


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