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[Daniyah] The Squire

There had been no warnings, no prophecies, no preternatural superstitions that could have prepared her for this. One moment, she walked side-by-side with the man who was her squire, enjoying the citrus breeze that twisted past her cheek in the … Continue reading

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[Yngrid] Eye for an Eye

Time slowed as Yngrid stared death in the eye; she’d expected to feel something. To feel fear, maybe – to feel regret. But even now, at the end of all things, she was ice and stone and cold fury, numb … Continue reading

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[Jin-Rei] Only a Story

“Deep down in the marshes, far past where Men dare to set their soft, supple feet, and beyond the clutches of Merrish fingers, it is said there is an old hollow tree, with branches that twist and grasp after the … Continue reading

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