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[Daniyah and Rickard Colville] Dancing Lessons

[Rickard is property of Edd, whose profile is hopelessly out of date; character used with his permission. ] She could barely breathe; her ribs felt tight, as if they might at any moment snap. Her eyes watered and her lungs burned as … Continue reading

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[Isheriil] Of Mer and Men

[Character of Isheriil belongs to Pigeons; story created and posted with permission.] Isheriil sat on a stone bench, in the shade of an old plum tree. His long, thin nose was buried in a book so closely that that the … Continue reading

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[Daniyah] Ovank’a – To Search for Mercy

Her father’s greenhouse was cool and bright, half sunken into the ground with stained glass windows reflecting brilliant color against the sand-colored stone. Medicinal plants grew in deep clay pots, the smell of leaves and blossoms mingling with cool wet … Continue reading

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[Yngrid and Solmund] Silver Lining

[Collaboration with Galien, featuring Solmund Bruknytta and Yngrid Bruknytta approximately twenty years in the past.] She dreamt she was falling. Her body parted a sea of clouds before plummeting towards the surface of a storm-tossed sea, but she didn’t find … Continue reading

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[Daniyah] Baranth Do

Even in the darkest nights, there was always the promise of a new day dawning. Daniyah’s face was a swathe of lurid reds and purples, accented by stark white lines – a grotesque yet elegant exaggeration of human features made … Continue reading

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[Ofeig] North Winds Prayer

“Shift your stumps, Crapboy! I’ve a new job for you – the Thane wants y’to bring Sassybritches off to the Temple fer t’be blessed!” Ofeig startled, nearly dropping the pitchfork he’d been leaning on while making calf-eyes towards the forge. … Continue reading

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