[Vlyn Drabble] First Glance

“You’ve seen her before, yes?”

The guard’s words were lazily spoken as he leaned on his halberd, yellow eyes tracking the woman’s progress as she rounded a bend and vanished from sight. His companion, another Altmer in the same livery as he, nodded, lips thin and nose wrinkling as he shuddered delicately.

“Yes – often, in fact. Rather queer, isn’t it? But no more than most Bosmer, I should say… strange, suspicious folk. Always going on about their trees and the like, and you know how they are after a fight… have to keep an eye on the dead, and let’s just say never trust a Bosmer physician, seeing as they’ve a vested interest in seeing you dead.”

He shook his head, clearly disgruntled. His companion raised an eyebrow. “Surely those are mere rumor-? They are still Mer, after all; they must have some sort of decency!”

“My sister spent some time in their outposts, swears by the Divines it’s true. No, I’d not trust a Bosmer at my back in battle… and that one’s stranger than most. You seen the way she moves-? Like a bloody spider or something, all legs, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t smile. Strange things, our tree-loving cousins…”

The younger guard shook his head, straightening as he turned his gaze back to the city’s entrance, ever watchful – though the roads were seldom traversed this time of the morning. “Could almost believe that one’d do me in just to boil the meat from my bones – don’t like that cold look in her eye. Kinda pale, skinny, too – yeah, I can see the spider thing. Usually keep to themselves, don’t they? Can’t say I’ve seen too many in these parts.”

The older shook his head. “There’s some that’re friendlier than that… a great deal friendlier.” Here, a lecherous light to his eyes, and a slow grin that spread wide at a sudden recollection. “Bit skinnnier than I like, but wilder than the highborn ladies I’ve known, eh? Nails like bloody wildcats, ha!”

There was a snort of laughter. “That’s sick, you know that-? The hell would make a man bed a Bosmer – you know they haven’t the same mental facilities we do!”

“Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it, friend – I’ll have you know Bosmer ain’t the only delicacy I’ve sampled! You’d be amazed the things a Khajiit’s tongue can do to a man…” Here, his eyebrows waggled suggestively, and the younger man just shook his head, trying not to laugh – the peculiar, spider-like woman forgotten as the older guard regaled him with tales of past conquests.


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